How To Treat Loose Vagina After Pregnancy?

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October 10, 2019
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How To Treat Loose Vagina After Pregnancy?

When a woman gives birth to an infant, there are many changes she goes through, both physically and emotionally. The physical changes create a loose vagina after pregnancy and the dryness in the vagina. This also leads to painful sex which becomes a nuisance rather than a mutual act of love. In the process of childbirth, the baby travels through the cervix and arrives out of the birth canal, known as the vagina.

It is very normal for the vagina to become loose after childbirth as the vaginal muscles stretch a lot. The pre-birth shape is lost after expectancy and hence this results in the loss of vaginal tightness. The life of the couples is affected by it as they fail to enjoy sex after pregnancy. However, there is not much to worry about as there are a lot of treatments that have come up to restore the original state of the vagina.

Get The Best Treatment For Loose Vagina!

Women go through a lot of hormonal changes post-pregnancy and this is one of the major reasons behind their stress as well. They fail to achieve the same sensation and excitement they used to experience before the birth of the child. Loss of interest in sex and pleasure caused byloose vagina after pregnancy leads to conflict in the life of couples. But this interest can be revived with the help of Kegels (exercise) and squats which helps in strengthening the muscles of the vagina.

Some of the Effective Treatment You Can Go With-

  • Vaginal tightening exercises are done by many women these days regularly to make their vagina firm. Pelvic floor exercises have become a useful and beneficial trend among women now as they want them to savor the intimate moments with their partner.
  • Exercises and creams are some of the methods to rejuvenate their vagina sans surgery.
  • Laser labiaplasty, threads, and PRP treatment are also the non-surgical ways of treatment which lift the vagina and make it youthful again. PRP is platelet-rich plasma therapy which is a completely natural treatment as growth factors are used from the blood of the candidate itself.
  • Surgical treatments are also done to repair the vagina and preferred by women. These are done under general anesthesia to avoid pain while the procedure. Some of the surgeries done to rejuvenate the vagina are labiaplasty, hymen repair hymenoplasty, vaginoplasty, etc.

Where to get the best treatment for the loose Vagina?

Well, if you are also the one who wants to get the safe and effective treatment for the loose vagina, then make sure you are consulting with Dr Ashish Bhanot. He is one of the best doctors who are renowned for giving the best results at pocket-friendly costs!

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