Hymen Repair Hymenoplasty

What is hymen?

Hymen is a thin membrane covering the external vaginal entrance. The flow of blood is allowed through a hole during menstruation in women after puberty.

Hymen gets broken when women indulge in a sexual intercourse. The hymen which is not broken, i.e intact hymen is a virginity sign whereas a broken or ruptured hymen is regarded as loss of virginity. It is not only during sexual intercouse that the hymen breaks, excessive physical activities also break the hymen. Pain is felt by women when the hymen breaks which leads to bleeding.


What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty is the surgical procedure done under a local anesthesia, to restore the hymen. This is also called hymen reconstructive surgery. The normal size and structure of the hymen is restored with this surgery. The surgery takes around one to two hours, depending on the repair of the hymen. The best hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi is done by an eminent surgeon who is known for his successful surgeries he has done over the years.

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The surgery is done under a general anesthesia in order to avoid pain. The margins of ruptured hymen tags are freshened. Dissection is done to separate the anterior (visible outside) and posterior ( present inside) layers.  During this, the second layer, present between the anterior and posterior layer, is defined. Being the important layer, second layer needs to be separated in order to restore a natural hymen.

The layered repair of broken hymen is carried out after the three layers have been defined. The integration of well-defined layers in the repair ensures healing of hymen which results in a natural virgin elastic hymen. The hymen acts like a natural hymen after the surgery and breaks after the sexual intercourse.



The hymen repair surgery cost in Delhi  cost depends only on the procedure. The cost is less when the surgery is done under a local anesthesia. The cost dials up when it is done under a general anesthesia. Also, the cost of mere hymenoplasty is less than hymenoplasty done with vaginal tightening. The information on the total cost of the surgery can be obtained from Dwarka.



It takes about  to 6 weeks for complete recovery.