The inner labia and the outer labia are modified and altered along with folds of skin around the vulva with the help of labiaplasty. This cosmetic surgery is also called labioplasty or labial reduction or labia minora reduction. This surgery is done under a local or general anesthesia which is done either as single surgery or with any gynecologica or cosmetic surgery simultaneously.


The size and shape of the outer lips of vagina are reduced in the labiaplasty procedure. It is with the help of the best doctor for labiaplasty surgery in Delhi that women can get their vagina rejuvenated.

Some women have irregular labia since birth, others develop it later in life, for instance, after childbirth. Women with enlarged labia are often mortified.


Tight clothes – body hugging clothes cause labial irritation in women. With vaginoplasty, the outer vagina can be improved and enhanced which lends confidence to women. Moreover, irritation and pain also vanishes in thin air after the surgery. Treatment for labiaplasty in Delhi is done by a noted surgeon in Dwarka.



Labiaplasty repair surgery cost in Delhi varies from hospital to hospital. The team of doctors performs labiaplasty at Dwarka. Women who wish to undergo the treatment can contact him for details on the nature of the surgery and the total cost.