Mons Reduction Surgery

Women feel low about their bodies due to the bulging mon pubis due to which they lose confidence. They are conscious about their appearance, as the pubic area does not look attractive in clothes which are tight and body hugging. Also, the transparent, light and revealing attire cannot be donned by women owing to the fatty tissues over the pubic bones. The size of the mon pubis enlarges after puberty in women and hair begins to grow in the area. Some women do not feel comfortable due to the large and puffy mon pubis when they wear swimsuits. The bulging mon pubis could be due to any surgery like liposuction or abdominoplasty, obesity, ageing, expectancy and hereditary. The best doctor for liposuction mons pubis surgery in Delhi provides treatment at Dwarka, New Delhi.

VASER liposuction is done to make the mon pubis flat and more attractive. Elasticity on the pubic area is essential else the skin becomes loose.


Who can undergo Mons Liposuction?

The idea candidates for the mons liposuction are the ones who are healthy with good elasticity of skin. Also, the mons must be bulging and there must be unrequired fullness of the mon pubis. Plus the mons should have extra skin along with hanging of the mons.


Mon pubis reduction surgery

Liposuction along with ultrasound technology is VASER liposuction serves the purpose of reconstructing the body. The appearance of the body is enhanced and improved and contoured body which makes the skin firm and tight due to ultrasonic energy transferred to the tissues. So get treatment for mons reduction in Delhi at Dwarka.

Mon pubis surgery can be done merely liposuction or in combination with tummy tuck surgery. It is mostly done with abdominoplasty, i.e. tummy tuck. The surgery for reduction in mon pubis and liposuction for parts of the body are alike. Small incisions are done in the surgery and takes about 20-40 minutes. Mons pubis and laser liposuction treatment in Delhi can be availed at Dwarka.


Side effects and care

The side effects of the mon pubis surgery are scars, pain, discomfort and swelling which tapers off with time. Antibiotics are given by the surgeon, and shape is improved slowly and gradually. The cost of the mon pubis reduction surgery varies from person to person as the time taken for surgery is different in each case.