The Cause and Treatment of Lax Vagina after Childbirth

It is not surprising to have a lax vagina in females. Actually a woman, who has experience of multi childbirth in her life. Surely develops a lax vagina. Vaginal muscles get automatically loose and enlarge during childbirth. And it happens for the excessive pulling and stressful muscle expansion. This condition produces heavy discomfort and annoyance in women. Vaginal muscles once get loose not improves naturally. And on that time only Vaginoplasty remains the only treatment option for lax Vagina after childbirth.
Without proper Vaginoplasty procedure, the problem of lax Vagina after childbirth is completely impossible to repair. It is actually a very standard surgical procedure is performed to tighten few specific soft tissues of the vagina, by removing several vaginal folds of the stretched tissues. The surgical treatment of Vaginoplasty includes front side wall or anterior repair, Posterior or back wall repair, Perineum reconstruction and vaginal introitus tightening operation.

The Problem of Lax vagina after childbirth is not life-threatening and extremely awful some. But it gives a discomfort during sex, makes a feeling of frequent lubrication and is heavily prone to fungal infection with the changing climate. Because, actually the vagina is full of soft sensitive nerves, which actively supplies blood in the whole vaginal portion. The Vaginoplasty is a part of the modern vaginal rejuvenation cosmetic surgery. Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation surgery was quite risky and much time taking in the early days. As for the patient, a quick recovery was just hope. But now the setting of the modern medical innovation and a team of specialized doctors have made the vaginal surgery completely pain and scar-free in national and international level. There are many vaginal rejuvenation clinics are scattered all over Delhi. But the clinic of Dr Ashish Bhanot is entirely specific among them. In the clinic, where dr Ashish Bhanot stay available from Monday to Saturday. The vagina is tightened very comfortably by the completely non-surgical procedure. For entire vaginal muscle tightening a laser treatment is used. The laser treatment procedure only gives a feeling of light heat. It is used to stimulate contraction of collagen and elastin of surrounding vaginal muscles. It is a procedure which has not only vanishes the pain but also has effectively reduces the downtime.