Intimacy is enhanced when the couple can savour the private moments completely. The lack of friction and thrill can mar the fun and sensation in a sexual relationship. Vagina should be tight and firm in order to make the sex exhilarating and fun. When the pelvic muscles widen and fail to create any thrill and friction, vaginoplasty is done to restructure the shape of the vagina. The best vaginoplasty surgery in Delhi is done at Dwarka.

It is a surgical procedure which is used to rejuvenate vagina, surgery is done to reconstruct the vagina. Vaginoplasty rectifies the protuberance of urinary bladder into the vagina and protrusion of the rectum. With this surgery, the appearance of the vulva is changed and the size of the entrance of the vagina is diminished. This surgery is done to restore and set right the vagina and all the structures associated with it.The best hospital for vaginoplasty is in Delhi, and women should head to Dwarka for getting this treatment.


Advantages of Vaginoplasty

Enhances vaginal structure – the shape of the vagina is improved as it is tightened

Body feels good – firmness of vagina is restored which makes one comfortable

Tight vagina – pelvic muscles are tightened, they do not remain slack

Can don different clothes – Women can wear body hugging clothes and bikini after the surgery


The surgery is done under a general anesthesia. The loose skin is pulled and the pelvic muscles are pulled together. The muscles are joined together subsequently. Incisions in this procedure are done either by laser or scalpel. The surgery lasts somewhere in the region of two to three hours.



The cost of vaginoplasty varies from person to person depending on the vagina. The interested ones who want to know the vaginoplasty repair surgery cost in Delhi can head to Dwarka.


It takes about 4-6 weeks to recuperate after the procedure. The daily, normal activities can be done post surgery but sex should be done only after complete recovery.

The drawbacks of vaginoplasty are some of the side effects (not serious) are nausea, pain, scars and tenderness.